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San Diego Real Estate News: Mission Valley

San Diego Real Estate News

Updated September 17th, 2019. The newest in San Diego Real Estate News is a brand new development and community plan which coming to Mission Valley. Mission Valley is known for being a mainly commercial part of town, with lots of confusing freeways, malls and auto dealerships. When someone thinks about Mission Valley, one does not necessarily think about a sense of community. The new community plan is designed to “refocus the region around walking, biking and the San Diego River.”

In an article written by Jennifer Van Grove from the San Diego Union-Tribune, she points out that Mission Valley is not a model community, but it could very well be.

By 2050, which is about thirty years from now, the main objective for the town of Mission Valley is to transform this mainly commercial town which is primarily navigated by cars to something unrecognizable. The goal for Mission Valley’s transformation is to turn it into a safe walking and biking haven for people of all different income levels.

Even more importantly, this new community model is going to serve as a prototype for a whole new kind of neighborhood. This new prototype is one where residents of all varying income levels can live co-habilitate in order to live a lifestyle where they can ditch their cars and long commutes, take the trolley and live close to their jobs.

This utopia sounds too good to be true, right? This dream model was drafted up by the San Diego City planners in 2015. This new land use and policy document has been finalized and replaces its current plan which has been in the books and in alive in real life for more than three decades, the planning committee believes that plan is no longer serving San Diego’s community to the best of its abilities.San Diego Real Estate News

The plan’s roadmap is set to make room for 28,000 housing units, which will be able to hold more than 50,000 new residents. When the plans came out, people’s first reactions were, “well, where the heck is that going to fit?

The plans are a whole comprehensive rezoning process that will also support the addition of 20,000 new jobs. The planning document also lays the foundation for two north-south roads that cross the San Diego River, six pedestrian and bicycle-only bridges, and a San Diego River Pathway that stretches the entire width of the neighborhood.

“The Mission Valley Community Plan, originally written in 1985, is pretty archaic. … The plan has reached its functional shelf life,” said Nancy Graham, who led the city’s planning effort. “Mission Valley has very little housing compared to its geographic size. Because of that a lot of people who work in Mission Valley cannot live there.”

According to a 2014 report, the city’s four-person Land Use and Housing Committee stated that only 600 people were living AND working in the area. 40,000 commuters drive into the neighborhood every day while 8,000 people are driving out to commute.

San Diego Real Estate NewsCity planners worked alongside community members to identify four distinct Mission Valley areas, each with their own defining characteristics. The four distinct areas are Western Mission Valley, Central Mission Valley, Eastern Mission Valley and South of I-8.

Western Mission Valley

This part of Mission Valley will get a new road which will go over the new proposed river path that runs through this area from north to south. “This segment is designed around a residential and park focus, the urban village is also meant to support complementary office and retail uses. Areas near the San Diego River is designated as open space. The existing Riverwalk golf course will be redeveloped through a specific site plan that is currently undergoing an environmental review.”

Central Mission Valley

This portion of the new plan has the river route running parallel through it through two different avenues, it is located between the SR-163 and I-805, this area is going to be utilized as the new business district with the main hub of new job centers. Much of the region is zoned for mixed-use, which allows for commercial uses alongside or within dense residential buildings.

Eastern Mission Valley

This section of Mission Valley s located East of the I-805. This part of town includes the Mission Valley stadium site, where San Diego State University wants to build a new stadium and satellite campus. This expansive and top of the line site is being planned through a separate Campus Master Plan.

South Mission Valley

The area south of the interstate I-8 is being preserved as-is and being kept for its hotel and office use.

The Transformation

Much of Mission Valley is already built out, which is why so many people are so skeptical of these plans. In Mission Valley, you can find lots of square footage in asphalt parking lots, which the city planners are looking at as space for offices, retail, parking and housing and thinking that these large asphalt parking lots should be pushed in under or above-ground structures.

Experts say: “We have a critical housing shortage, and I think Mission Valley is underutilized. There’s a lot of isolated development and parking lots,” said Michael Stepner, who teaches urban design at the NewSchool of Architecture & Design. “There’s a lot of room for infill development, and that’s what this plan purposes. That’s a good thing.” The new plans are a great step in the right direction on the topic of San Diego Real Estate News.

The big picture main goal of the plans is to create a “mixed-use” city which will allow for bigger and better developments. Developers may now construct as many as one hundred forty-five housing units per acre, compared with seventy-three units per acre in the past.San Diego Real Estate News

This will allow the residential population to grow by two hundred forty-eight percent from 20,800 people in 2012 to 72,400 people in 2050, according to the city plans.

Another great thing about the plans is that since they are focused around a walking and biking lifestyle, there will be plenty of pedestrian walkways that will connect them to off-property park and recreation spaces.

The city planners say “Absorbing 50,000 people over the next 20 to 30 years is not a problem if it’s done right,” Stepner said. “(The plan) won’t work unless we are serious about schools and parks, and upgrades to sewer systems.”

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